Version RC 6

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Version RC 6

Post#1 » Thu Oct 22, 2015 6:45 pm RC 6 is finally out! This version is a total new SparkShare and brings a new, fresh, powerfull UI to the users! RC 6 Hotfix 4 is now available and adresses a few issues listed below

This version shall be the forelast RC to see the light. Every bugs reported in this version will be adressed until next week and I will release one last preview version containing the fixes before the first public release.

I insist on the fact that everything will be dropped once the app goes public. All the uploaded assets/packs will be deleted, as the server might now contain test data, dead links due to high server changes etc etc

What's new
  • Blocker version, you need to update as the server has evolved
  • Complet new UI
  • Notifications
  • Pack support
  • Pack mass download
  • Pack image, title, description, summary
  • Configurations
  • The whole app is new so try it out!

Thank you all for your support, and for this last shot, I really ask you to try it out, and find any bugs you can and report them directly in the bug tracker @ . I will adress them directly to release one final test version that will be the final product!2162&authkey=!APlOGefUhzzq4-Y&ithint=folder%2c

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Re: Version RC 6

Post#2 » Fri Oct 23, 2015 2:07 pm

Known bugs



      Fixed (Included in hotfix 4)
      • Fixed ghost notifications. Due to them being related to packs, they were triggering an NPE on the pack name. This is server and should be working already now
      • Pack like notifications should lead to the corresponding pack and not a random asset
      • Asset details page pack confusion is now fixed and handeled differently
      • Renaming a pack with a user already existing pack name corrupts both packs

      Fixed (Included in hotfix 3)

      • The update button on pack detail page should be disabled after successful pack update
      • The update button on asset detail page should be disabled after successful asset update
      • Fixing invalid number format corrupting pack detail page if a pack is empty when loading from server
      • Removing the old pack image when loading another pack, because if the second pack' image has transparency, the old one shows through it
      • When moving an asset to another pack, display is not refreshed and asset appears still in the old pack
      • System notifications disappear every 30 seconds when notifications are reloaded

      Fixed (Included in hotfix 2)

      • Server on SSL generated file existence control errors
      • Debug mode should be off

      Missing features

      Implemented (Included in hotfix 4)

      • Better pack handling from asset detail page
      Implemented (Included in hotfix 3)

      • Added support for greek encoding
      • Added greek language file
      • Re styled the asset detail menu button

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