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Post#1 » Wed Oct 28, 2015 3:35 pm

As promised, the final debug version is here.

I got very few bug returns from Beta users, so it seems pretty stable.

This new version now embarks an updater that will keep you uptodate at any time

I will fix the possible bugs found in this one and will release v. 1.0

I still have some work to do on the website part, as we now need an account creator, a profil manager at least.

Content will be totally wiped on release day, as well as accounts. I will announce the release day a few days before. You will keep your uploads slot multiplier earned during the beta program as well as your account creation date (achievments....) and they will be given back upon new account creation

What's new?

  • Auto updater
  • Greek correct support
  • Displaying packs in the catalog under the "all" filter and under "own assets"
  • Speeding up the client data load time by a loooot
  • The filter selection box in the catalog header is now bound to the loading sequence and isn't usuable as long as the loading isn't finished
  • Better way to handle packs from asset detail page
  • System notifications won't disappear anymore every new notification cycle
  • Switching an asset between packs now works properly
  • Removing images when loading another pack/asset for displaying, because if the new asset/pack image contains transparency, the old image would show through
  • Fixing empty pack loading
  • Asset details menu button is better visible
  • Pack like notifications now open the pack and not a random asset!2162&authkey=!APlOGefUhzzq4-Y&ithint=folder%2c

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