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Post#1 » Sat Oct 31, 2015 7:47 pm

Mostly a debug version, it fixes all the little bugs I encountered. Beta users returned no bugs on so consider this version the last one before 1.0.0 should auto update on launch to this version

Due to a stupid error of mine, prolly too tired, won't update.... I fixed the updater in

Here the list of the bug fixes

Code: Select all

436   After a successful update, where an asset got his pack changed, where the pack did not exist, if the pack was correctly created and the asset is synced, the packname link should be activated.......
435   Finally a working pack concept? This does: Load the pack when the controller is triggered, working on the fly new pack generation, working pack switching, hope everything is covered
434   Fixing pack display on asset detail page, missing setVisible(true) when coming from an asset without pack. Also, total asset reload when a tile is clicked
433   Properly on the fly generated packs
432   Fix catalog NPE when no packs by user
431   Fix NPE when using "change asset pack" and you don't yet have any packs of your own
430   Force update
429   One shouldn't be allowed to delete a pack if he isn't the owner of it
428   Deleting packs...
427   Missing pack delete function, pre implemented
426   cleanup...
425   Branching
424   Fixing new pack injection directly from asset detail page
423   Proper way to check for updates, before login sequence
422   Full el_GR update

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