Developers GameJam Winners List

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Developers GameJam Winners List

Post#1 » Tue Aug 16, 2016 5:45 pm

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Congratulations to all creators who entered the Developers GameJam! Here’s the Top 10 for the Arcade and Epic Categories. It was extremely close, and, frankly, we’re humbled by the amazing creations you built. Without further delay, here is the Top 10!

Top 10

Top 10 Arcade Entries:
DGJ One Time Hero by Defco 7T and Zeefles
DGJ Spore Hunter v0.33 by Ri99erz and DMaxx11
DGJ Chromaddict by erikinthebakery
DGJ Tabian’s Shield – Act 1 by Rust Plague, doobesnax99, Detran5, MasterGammer, and Wako1571
DGJ – Acorn Quest by Zgloug
DGJ Super Sea Slalom by Rodrigo Bezzi, Hallorin, and Szarkavni
DGJ Get a Job! By x4ormulA1Rac3rx
DGJ – CUB3D by MasterGammer
DGJ – FallDown 2D by SnD ACiD RAiN
DGJ Volleyball Training by Rodrigo Bezzi, Hallorin, and Szarkavni
Top 10 Epic Entries:
DGJ Orbit 32 - Resilience by Wertandrew2, DankerPie3, LadyLexUK, NightmareUK1989, erikinthebakery, and Daimwn
DGJ - Mage Xero {Prologue} by Sphinxe
DGJ Glory.Full by LostKauz
DGJ Maponus Osiris by kevahern, AnAverageRecon
DGJ Terminal Island by Taclys
DGJ Shipwrecked by GreedyMedic, Jackster907, and kevahern
DGJ Evolution by NeonSpark15, Dannyballsub, and RAPTURE1
DGJ - BLACKK by I Captain Neg I
DGJ Project Dust by Mista Wicket and Biztone
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