Project Spark at E3 2014

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Project Spark at E3 2014

Post#1 » Tue Aug 16, 2016 9:24 pm

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From Henry Sterchi, Team Dakota Creative Director:

E3 2014 is upon us, and I’m taking a moment to look back at how far we’ve come before we open the next chapter on Project Spark and continuing the journey to make everyone a creator. Last year Claude was prepping his Rock and Roll and Aury was waiting to debut his Mech handiwork to a completely unsuspecting world. The team was the most nervous I’d ever seen as we were about to announce something no one was expecting, the likes of before had never been seen, and sum up a very complex message in a very short time… oh and to rock the stage with explosions.

The spotlight was on, the web traffic began pouring in and we had an unprecedented and significantly higher volume of beta registrations than we even expected. This moment in time would quickly transition to the dash to Beta and releasing Project Spark to the world.

Since our beta release, there’s been some shining moments, some hiccups, quite a few twitch streams, and a whole lot of late late nights creating by creators all over the world. What we saw yet again, was an amazing amount of support not just from a dedicated community, but from a flat out jaw dropping talented community. The unexpected, was becoming expected… The Win 8 release flew by and into the Xbox One release we went. A few more hiccups, and a whole lot of Kinect Capture fun later, we are still overwhelmed by the support, and there was more of that unexpected.

Project Spark has over 1 million creators, an incredible amount of levels to play already available, and a staggering 75% of time spent in the game is creating. We have a level with well over 100,000 downloads, and more nearing that mark. We partnered with Linkin Park, and made a music video while building out music editing tools, and handed the whole thing over to the community. How amazingly cool is that? We frankly can’t thank the community enough, especially all our amazing creators, and we're excited to be back for E3 2014 to surprise people with the unexpected, and maybe an explosion or two.

What we are showing at E3 2014 is still just the beginning and we are excited and nervous yet again. We’re providing even more power and possibilities to the community and the world to create with. We’re evolving Project Spark and we’re taking it up to 11 (note – 12 is reserved for a later date). We are showing what the full power of playing and creating means and we’re providing the unexpected for now.

Henry Sterchi
Creative Director
Project Spark
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