Project Spark at E3 2014 part 2

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Project Spark at E3 2014 part 2

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Henry Sterchi, Creative Director

E3 2014 opens today and we couldn’t be more excited to share all of the new features and content coming to Project Spark. We will be demonstrating and detailing several of these key new additions to Project Spark as we head towards our full release later this Fall.


We launched the Beta of Project Spark with a clear thematic focus of fantasy realms and 3D adventure game play. Galaxies brings a whole new dimension and theme to Project Spark as we introduce Human Astrotechs, Kodian Aliens, all new textures, environmental objects/props, skyboxes, blaster rifles, and modular building pieces so anyone can “snap” together moon bases, outposts, corridors, and more. We’ve also added new HUD elements so players can simulate 1st person visors and more. This opens up huge new possibilities and enhances the creativity people have already shown around sci-fi genres (we saw that epic space ship interior level that was already built!). All of this, and this is just a first look, with more Scifi Galaxies themed content to come to Project Spark in the future (did someone say ships?).

Watching the game transform between the themes is a sight not to miss!


Multiplayer has always been a key part of Project Spark’s roadmap as we feel cooperation, social play, and just hanging out with friends is a huge part of what creating and playing is all about. We are thrilled to announce; Project Spark will have 4 player simultaneous multiplayer where you can PLAY AND CREATE together! Seeing one player sculpt the world behind you as you add brains to a character, and another player adds in enemies to test your new brain’s powers is absolutely incredible. In addition to being an amazing new way to experience Project Spark, creators can now also make multiplayer games. This opens up the possibilities immensely to make entirely new genres available to Project Spark. We’ve already had a blast making multiplayer MOBAs, Capture the Flag (CTF), Co-op Brawlers, Dungeon Crawlers, and more!

Champions Quest (Co-op Campaign)

The universe of Project Spark is rich with lore and not only grounds the visual style, but defines the characters and seeds creators with potential inspiration. At E3 we are debuting a slice of the first Episode of Champions Quest titled Void Storm. Champions Quest is a 1 OR 2 player same screen or online cooperative adventure that challenges players to use all of the skills of the Champions and creation powers of Spark to overcome a devious world devouring plague called the Void.

Champions Quest is an accessible pick up and play adventures game that shows to power of creation. As players play Champions Quest they will level up their Champions to unlock a series of new skills, outfit customizations, weapons, sounds, and more! Battle enemies corrupted by the Void, all new Void enemies, and more. Journey through the lands of Kora and recover the ancient Kode Glyphs to solve the Kode puzzles.

Champions Quest is made entirely with the regular Project Spark tools, and is entirely remixable as well!

Champion Characters

We are also announcing that the Champions themselves do transcend Champions Quest as players will be able to level them up back and forth in Champions Quest, Crossroads, and UGC community creations!

Conker in Project Spark

In our E3 stage trailer we announced that Conker will be back as a content pack in Project Spark. We too felt it has been too long since he's been in the spotlight. As someone who has worked with and is a huge fan of Rare and Conker, it is exciting to think about his return. The possibilities ahead, and all the adventures the community will make. Allowing the very fans that made Conker a classic to continue creating his legacy is our goal.

We’ve been closely following the fan reaction to our announcement. The passion fans have for Conker is exactly what we hope to serve with his return. We will have more details around Conker at a later date, so please stay tuned.

Join Us!

Come by our E3 booth all week to check out demos of multiplayer, Galaxies, and Champions Quest. Hop by our website and forums on We will also be streaming some of the demos on and most importantly join us by jumping in and downloading Project Spark’s beta for free on Windows 8.1 or Xbox One right now.
We can’t wait to play what you’ve made!
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