Ford GameJam Top 40 List

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Ford GameJam Top 40 List

Post#1 » Wed Aug 17, 2016 5:19 am

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Team Dakota has finalized the first round of our judging on the first ever Project Spark #GameJam in collaboration with Ford. We've whittled the number of entries from 400 to 40, a very hard task due to how amazing the submissions were. Winners of the five #GameJam categories and our grand prize winner will be announced on January 12. Those listed below are the nominees making our first cut and still eligible for the prizes.

Nominees (ordered alphabetically by Gamertags):

Multiplayer GameJam Pack by Agent Blade
Turning on a TV by AnAverageRecon
X-Zero by ArisildeDamal
CLOUD NINE v2 by BubbDJ000
Reactor by charlotti
The Strange Isle of Sparkberg by chobithedekichi
Primitive World by Daimwn
Let's Get Primitive by Defco
The Fall of Hestault by DigitaLDevil808
Play as a Doctor by ElysianRain
Refrigerators Are Better Than People by Ian Withers 87
Sphere by ImSweets buddy
Space Gunk vs The Galaxy by InstantKafka
Adventure Quest Arcade by iTz THERE
Rope Bow by JUNO 5027
Acceloron v0.1a by Karhedron
Clockwork Catastrophe by killenjoke
Primitive Quest by LordStarwalker
Sports Car by Lucid Stew
Interactive Hex Game Board by MWVatch
Primitive Puzzler by NeighborhoodGMR
Primitive Journey by n00by Reaper
Remembrance by NieNieChu
Dungeon of Unlikely Death by Photeth
PLINKO! by Photeth
Fear the Collapse by Project Sparker
Fire Start by RaffArundel
Planes, Trains & Cars by Rust Plague
De Blokz by SlovenlyMoon
Marble Madness (Extreme Edition) by SnD ACiD RAiN
Photography Demo by Tarchival
The Tale of a Kingdom by Tarchival
Digging for Gold by Tarchival
Singularity by The Onomatopeia
Visitors by x4ormulA1Rac3rx
The Death Pit 1.1 by xX Talling Xx
Goblins Must Evolve by ysss
Rubiks Cube by ZoidianKings
Scrambled Eggs by ZoidianKings

We look forward to announcing the winners the week of January 12.

A montage video of all nominees is ready for your viewing pleasure:
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