10x40 CreationJam winners

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10x40 CreationJam winners

Post#1 » Wed Aug 17, 2016 9:45 am

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And the winner is...

Congratulations to all that entered the Project Spark 10x40 CreationJam. We had one of the closest results ever. A three-way tie for 8th place! We had amazing entries, but only one creation can leave victorious.

8th (tied): Planet of the Dead 2 TEASER by Servilleta
8th (tied): [CreationJam] Runes by NieNieChu
8th (tied): Lost Marbles by Alx
7th: konnex by Sphinxe
6th: Mitosis - 10x40 CreationJam by xBORNxHEROx
5th: 10x40 Gamejam Back2Basics by Myline de Nolia
4th: Fluidity by charlotti
3rd: 10x40 Creation Jam Saberstar by Rust Plague & MasterGammer
2nd: The Awareness of Man - Seven Ages by DankerPie3
1st: 10x40 CreationJam - Find the forest by zgloug

Congratulations to zgloug for a phenomenal creation with Find the Forest! We'll be working with zgloug on a prop of their choice for Project Spark. More details as we begin to work with them. You can catch our live stream of the results on YouTube.
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