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Featured 7/19/15

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Hi Sparkers! It’s time for another Featured This Week! We’re checking out 6 brand new community creations. A great balance this week in beauty, puzzles, and adventures! Do you choose the light or dark in Path of the Apprentice (REDUX)? Or perhaps take the time to smell the Cherry Blossoms in Japan-Mountains of Harmony? Or do you stack boxes as high as you can in Buildy Bear Block Stacker! Hobey-ho, let’s go:

Path of the Apprentice (REDUX)
By Ghozst757

Path of the Apprentice is back! Ghozst757 follows up on his Hall of Famer in a big way & delivers a great 2D adventure. Waves of enemies are between you and the final confrontation: another mage apprentice twisted by power. Do you choose the path of light or dark to get there? Custom attacks & enemies as well as a great setting/backdrop make this an easy feature this week. Don’t miss it!

The Treasure
By n00by Reaper

Go on a Dungeon Adventure in n00by Reaper’s latest creation! There are some great environments put together that really make the quest come alive – my favorite being the starting frozen wasteland and the Kodian Puzzle Chamber. You even get to use TNT to blow up some Fleshy Masses! At the end, you get to learn what exactly he means by a “treasure, more valuable than gold”….

Goblin Slayer RPG
By Deson1A

A great RPG that focuses on the simple details and gets them right! I really enjoyed the unique combination of 2D/3D movement – there was a lot of depth to the scenes because of it! It plays for about 30-60 minutes so there’s plenty to explore and discover. It’s also not easy—I died more than a few times than I’d like to admit.

Japan – Mountains of Harmony
By Wertandrew2

If you’re looking for inspiration and a relaxing experience, you’ve come to the right creation. Made for LadyLexUK’s community challenge, Japan – Mountains of Harmony is a delight featuring 20 Japanese related props (I’m guessing there is more Wertandrew2 didn’t list). My favorite aspect is the viewing points and sense of scale. It’s difficult to achieve that feeling in Spark and Wertandrew again shows us that it can be done!

Buildy Bear Block Stacker
By The Gaviathan

Alright, this game is my jam! I was all ready to brag and gloat how I was #1 on the Leaderboard with a score of 24 and then, wouldn’t you know it, Mescad decides to play. Now, I’m second and Mescad is sitting at a 44. I don’t know how it happened but someone better dethrone that tutorial-making "should be retired" teacher before I get upset…if I wasn’t already. The game is simple: you’ve got 3 minutes to build a stack of boxes as high as you can! It’s really addicting. Great work The Gaviathan!

By The Half Greek2

Conundrum by The Half Greek2 is a great conundrum to be in. I wish all my conundrum’s were as fun as this. Instead, they're usually pretty terrible. That’s what makes them a conundrum. It’ll be on those days I wish my conundrums had a spinning bridge, disappearing platforms, and ancient shrine teasing me to be activated. In writing this post, I realized I wish I used the word “conundrum” more often: “Oh my! I’ve accidently leaked the next content pack! This is a conundrum!” or some other natural phrase like that which is bound to be said. It was no conundrum getting this featured this week!

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