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Featured 7/10/15

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Hi Sparkers! In Featured This Week, we’re checking out 6 community creations which are sure to delight. Sneak past traps in a Conker Dungeon Crawler, play as many zany scientists in The Lab, mine some asteroids as two robot buddies, and more! We’re also highlighting the top ten CreationJam entries so be sure to check them out if you missed them. They beat out a stiff competition of over 400+ entries. Hobey-ho, let’s go:

Tales of Conker
By liliputiense777

Conker + Dungeon Descent = Heaven! You start out in a locked cell and there’s no way out…or there may be a push button to reveal a hidden wall that takes you on an adventure through a trap infested adventure. But that is wishful thinking. There’s actually no way out. The cell design is phenomenal as you spend the rest of your short squirrel life there. It’s really sad actually! /s

Mini STAR WARS Battlefield 2
By Oh No Kev

Oh No Kev strikes back with another version of Mini STAR WARS Battlefield. This time we’re on the battlefield of Hoth as the Empire invades the rebel base. AT-ATs and Walkers fight on the battlefield! Mulitple infantry units to choose from! Heroes and Villains are now available with their own special abilities. This one knocked my Shield Generator down!

Color Blast
By Rodrigo Bezzi

Fans of Zuma or Luxor, rejoice! For Rodrigo Bezzi brings a gift that shall forever be known through the ages as “Color Blast”. Or “Colour Blast” for our friends across the big pond (don’t try searching for Colour Blast – that’s not how it works…). Shoot colored balls to build your score before the line of balls reach the door. There may or may not be an exploit that we discovered in our latest Play This Creation stream!

The Lab
By a blaack girl

Welcome to The Lab! Play as Dr. Angela, Dr. Carol, Dr. Jeffrius, or Dr. Timothy. The first question you’ll ask and probably keep asking is…how are any of these scientists are considered Doctors? Check out each of their experiments – some are pretty absurd and one in particular….let’s just say the creator, a blaack girl, gave it a T rating for mild adult references which was very understandable.

Tandem Miner
By Alex die Ratte

In Tandem Miner, control two drones at once – the energy between them can be used to destroy asteroids and build your score. Don’t move the drones too far away from each other or you’ll break the energy field! Also, first piece of advice: Keep the left miner on the left, and the right miner on the right! See! I can be helpful once and awhile! I’m not always a Troll!


“This is hard!” –TD Leaderboards master, Charles. “Is it free?” – David, our business guy. “Great use of colors.” – artist who declined to reveal themselves since they also do illegal street art and have been taking refuge in our offices. “10/10, Guitar Hero without the Guitar or Hero.” – SparkBrian. “Most of these quotes are made up” - SparkThomas
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