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Featured 6/26/15

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Hi Sparkers! Time for another Featured This Week which was on a little hiatus (sorry!) but we’re back with a bang! This week we’re rotating in 9 new levels, but I’m going to talk about all 12 anyway because I can and you want me to! We have the pleasure this week of riding a new Horror Movie Ride, exploring the Underworld, exterminating intergalactic space pests, and so much more! Let’s not keep you waiting anymore! Hobey-ho, let’s go:

E3 2013 Project Spark Demo Remake
By tflynnie25

Rock-man is back! Tyynnie25 delivers some nostalgia with a recreation of the Project Spark announcement video from E3 2013. It was the perfect time (4 o’clock anyone?) with E3 2015 just a week ago. The recreation is spot on—even the Mech, thatch roofs and all, makes an appearance to take down the Goblin Balloons. Why am I all of a sudden hungry for tacos?

Stick RPG Project Spark Version
By Steven Hough

First of all, I love when Gamertags look like the first and last name of a person. I wonder if I Steven Hough is really Steven Hough. Anyways, Mr. Hough delivered us an awesome RPG with this creation. You’re a simple guy with simple tastes: you go to work, you read at the library, you work out at the gym, you relax at the bar….you run past gangs of bandits at night. Spend your day however you want but you’ll find your hunger catching up with you if you don’t set your priorities right. 10/10 - would stick with it!

A Powered Rangers Game
By a blaackgirl

I didn’t know I wanted a Power(ed) Rangers game in Spark but I’m so glad we got one. Talk about an opening cinematic! I felt like I was ready to morph by the time it was over! Enter the VR Ranger Battle Simulator and learn all the skills necessary to become…legend…(nevermind, that’s a different game and you need Red Bull for that)…to become a POWERERD RANGER!!!

Mortal Kombat Shadowed Realms
By OU1Nickolas

So much yes! Definitely not going to be getting on our curated list anytime soon but that’s okay! I don’t think that’s what creator OU1Nickolas was aiming for with those “splash effects”. Character design and attacks were on point! Can’t wait to see more characters, attacks, stages, etc.

Quidditch Practice
By Irishpwndu420

I must not tell lies! I had a ton of fun flying around the pitch and scoring my way up the Leaderboard. The broom handles well--I’m glad I have a secret admirer who had an owl deliver it to Team Dakota offices. It was probably ZombieSoldier48. I wasn’t good enough to catch the snitch though. Here’s the current leaderboard: Mad Spartan40 at 6,850. Irishpwndu420 at 5,580. And SparkThomas at 3,200. Boom! Also, Irish – it kind of looks like you’re getting pwnd at your own game right now by Mad Spartan. I expect these top 3 scores to change drastically in the week!

Balloon Filling Sim (ButtonMasher)
By ImSweets buddy

If you don’t like blowing up balloons only once a year on your Birthday, I’ve got the game just for you! You only need one button in this button masher (that makes a lot of sense actually…); it’ so easy, a caveman could do it! It will take more than a caveman though to reach the upper echelons of the Leaderboards. The music was a nice touch as well and really helped sell the scene. Whoever is at the top of the leaderboard, expect lots of calls from parents!

Intergalactic Pest Control
By Alex die Ratte

You’re an exterminator out to remove some intergalactic space grub from the colony. The only problem is the void bugs move a lot faster than you do! You’ll have to be quick on your feet and more than a little clever to catch them in your sack. Perhaps what is most exciting about this creation is the amazing environment built around a simple well-balanced game. I wish I had more time to just explore without the pressure to catch pests. Those robot miners!

Artist World – Underworld—
By Conepuncher

Conepuncher is back to punch some more cones! This time, we’re off to the Underworld—and it’s hot! Probably the best scrolling terrain I’ve seen that captures the lava environment perfectly. If you have difficulty navigating the terrain initially, that’s intentional. A sweet, sweet upgrade called the “Wings of Kodite” will make it a joy. Make sure to get to the mine!


Go for a ride in DANNYBOY3600’s HORROR MOVIE RIDE 3! His third iteration does not disappoint and offers the crazy, horror-filled tour we’ve learned to love. The character models and atmosphere are awesome. My personal favorite inclusion is the (SPOILER – turn back now!) War of the Worlds’s Martian machines. Turning that corner, I was like “WHAAAAAAT….!?!?!?!” Check out his Amusement Park too for a hub world of creations!

Super Mario Wipeout Edition
By FinalKaos

Someone had to do it and it’s now been done! A challenging wipeout course has been built just for you and a very classic video game character! (nice to see Dungeon Descent used in creative ways!) Avoid the obstacles but generous checkpoints will keep you in the action! Leaderboards are implemented which is absolutely perfect! Can’t wait to see how the scores shake out after the weekend.

Pokemon Blue & Red
By AlankyoUra

Creator AlankyoUra has been hard at work updating this creation and it was about time we featured it! The adventure keeps growing with now Pallet Town, Route 1, and Viridian City. Choose a starter from Professor Oak and leave home to become the very best! I hope this feature leads to more & more updates & additions! Just so you know, you can featured again with significant updates (wink, wink). Nicely done! Also, a great use of level link if you attempt to play the console at home.

Conkers 2D Adventure in Space+Time

Conker’s mind works against him in this zany adventure across space & time. Eyes are the enemy and they don’t always travel in pairs (blasphemy!). Environments collide in a crazy way as Conker makes his way toward the SPACE POP BAR – a fitting goal for the infamous squirrel. Great level design and the humor was spot on!
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