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Hi Sparkers! This Summer is just getting started! CreationJam is underway, Dungeon Descent is bringing all its modular goodness this Thursday, and some cool things are coming down the pipe! This week we’re rotating in 6 brand new creations: watch a storm come and go on a tropical island, grow a train in an endless runner, and climb to the top of the leaderboards in SparkMania. And just so that I can confuse community member Rapture some more, hobey-ho, let’s go:

Axions Bend –retro topdown shooter
By doobiesnax99

Take to the skies in Axions Bend! Built off his Community GameJam entry, Heli assault, doobiesnax99 is quickly becoming our residential aerial expert. 4 missions are available & branch off a central hub where you can upgrade your ship & drone. Build up your score multipliers to get to the top of the leaderboards. The Kinect audio is fantastic and creates a more engaging experience. Also, Doobiedoobiedoo!

By Rodrigo Bezzi

Inspired by the classic MegaMania on Atari, Rodrigo Bezzi hits it out the park with SparkMania. The concept is simple: shoot all the enemies before the ship’s fuel runs out. It gets harder as those enemies move in more and more difficult patterns and start shooting back. We were also inspired by his community challenge which was big success! Congratulations to Menorkamer who had (and currently has as of writing this post) the highest score: 72,110!

2D Survivor
By Giantluca

Giantluca & SnD ACiD RAiN have a good formula down for quick, fun arcade games with leaderboards. 2D Survivor is no exception! Dodge the red squares the best you can and survive the longest. I have no idea how people are breaking the 2 minute mark. I obviously need to practice!

-Train Training- (Leaderboard)
By Project Sparker

All aboard because this train is starting and isn’t stopping anytime soon! This awesome endless runner combines a number of genres to create something really unique. There’s lanes to dodge enemies. Your cannon recharges so you can shoot when you’re in a pickle. Your train grows as your multiplier does and makes it more difficult to maneuver (think Snake!). If that wasn’t enough, there’s power ups to collect to make surviving just a little bit easier.

By motherload5

Creator motherload5 really impressed Team Dakota when we played their creation on stream last Friday. It’s the first time we’ve seen dynamic weather added to an environment and, boy, it is amazing! Watch the storm roll in over the island—it even carries people away! Day transitions to night and if you’re lucky, you’ll see a shooting star in the distance. It’s a really awesome environment worth exploring!


Survive against the eyeball horde as long as you can in ChArG1nMaLAZ0R’s latest creation, eyeBRAWL. You have 4 towers who continuously add to your score. Defend them with your turret! You’ll have to prioritize and make tough decisions as towers begin to drop. You’re also able to heal your towers or pick up power-ups, but it comes at the cost of not taking down eyeball scum. In the end, do whatever it takes to earn a place amongst the top ten scores worldwide.

You're the best community in the business, and we're always astonished by your creations! Keep them coming! :)
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