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Hi Sparkers! Happy Friday! Leaderboards are out and it’s awesome seeing you all compete against each other for the top spot! This week we’re featuring 10 brand new community creations! In addition, check out some of our Team Dakota levels to see how to incorporate Leaderboards into your own creations. Without further ado, hobey-ho, let’s go:

Kameo & The Curse of the Kingdom
By Alphalus

An epic adventure unfolds 10 years after the original Kameo. While defending your friends, an energy blast sends you to the Amazon Kingdom. Here, you’ll have to use stealth and smarts to progress. Riddles and hints point the way forward. I really enjoyed the use of a day & night cycle to change the environment and characters you can interact with. To top it off, there’s almost an hour of gameplay!

Falldown HD
By Giantluca & SnD ACiD RAiN

The concept is simple, but hard to master. Keep your ball on the screen by falling through the platforms as they continue to speed up. Perfect for leaderboards! Even better, it’s wrapped it a beautiful package. The background, color scheme, and attention to detail make this a must play. Great to see collaborations!

By Ghozst757

Another great creation from Ghozst757. This time it’s a 3rd person death match in Kodian Ruins. Tons of weapons and grenades litter the map and will help you take down your opponents. Watch out because they’ll make use of them too! There’s quite a surprise halfway through the match but you’ll know it when you see it—it’s hard to miss! Make sure to investigate the changes in the arena!

Power Stone Adventures
By beefcakepie

Beefcakepie’s first creation is an awesome one! There’s a ton to explore across the different islands and environments. There’s also sweet cinematics and bosses you’ll have to take down. Don’t do what I did which is fall off the starting island and work for 25 coins to pay the lift toll ha :) Great job, and can’t wait to see your next creation!

Wild West Town of Armadillo 4 UCC
By Conepuncher

Are you a fan of Red Dead Redemption? Are you a fan of westerns? Do you enjoy towns in the old west overrun by zombies!? Conepuncher delivers and nails it—just like a punch to the cone if I do say so myself. This was a late entry into LadyLexUK’s Wild West community challenge. Make sure to purchase Hoppy the toad. It’ll put a spring in your step. And if you missed our Friday stream, there’s a chilling surprise if you get the ice-cold beverage for the ice man.

By lanlrod

He doesn’t quit and we never want him to! Once again, lanlrod drops an awesome creation in the form of Q3DM7. It’s a remake the level from Quake 3. Play against 4 bots for victory! Some of the best FPS controls we’ve seen in Spark. Best of all, it’s a lot of fun! He’s also implementing leaderboards for a feedback system so players can tell him where to improve—that’s an awesome idea.

#minijam 1 – Run Ninja Run
By DankerPie3

Run ninja run ninja run! Run ninja run ninja run! Run! Run! Run! Run! Now that I’ve got that out of my system, let me just say it’s awesome. Run endlessly in this endless runner. Power-ups, skills, different environments, etc. keep you on your soft, ninja toes! The creator is at the top of his own leaderboard right now, but I expect one of you to take him down!

Conker’s Twin-stick Brawler 4.5
By Detran5

It had me at hello! It’s just Conker with his trusty SMG against hordes of Tediz. Earn dat sweet cash fo’ upgrades n’ stuff. Detran5 already has leaderboards implemented so get crackin’ at the high score. Be warned – a lower score will replace a higher one, so be careful and watch your tail!

by symfoni

If you ever want to learn how to make awesome interior spaces in Spark, look no further than “damm”. That’s what I said anyway as I started looking around. This mysterious place just begs to be explored. The lack of an exposition or initial goal actually drew me in as I wanted to discover more about the mesmerizing place I was transported to. If that wasn’t enough, it level links to even more awesomeness.

By KMKHunter

Probably the most addicting Leaderboard creation I’ve played so far! Catch the food and avoid all the bad stuff. Collect power-ups to create a layer of protection or slow down time. It starts off pretty easy but ramps up to an insane level. You’ll be moving that bucket back and forth like crazy. Billorko was our Champion for the livestream giveaway at a score of 160,569. Who’s going to beat that?
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