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Featured 5/22/15

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Hi Sparkers! It’s another Friday and another awesome week in the community! This week we’re rotating in 9 creations for your enjoyment. Hit the road in Road Rash 4, take on the Rebel scum in Mini Star Wars Battlefield, or defeat the swamp troll in The Decent Act 1. There’s lots of good times to be had waiting for you in this featured feed. Let’s dive in. Hobey-ho, let’s go:

Darker Souls 1.0
By ToastyXXX

Conker, The Definitive Edition
By Tank182

Road Rash 4
By NightmareUK1989

SpongeBob SparkPants
By Rodrigo Bezzi

By DriiftahH

Teddybear Knights Ch. 1
By Lord Ty 3000

Mini Star Wars Battlefield
By Oh No Kev

The Decent Act 1
By endlis

Super Conker Bros.
End of line.

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