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Hi Sparkers! This week we’re rotating in 10 brand new creations. Some really great innovation this week. We’ve got Conker up to no good (as always), a horror game with awesome camera angles, a twin-stick slasher (I’m calling it if that isn’t a genre already!), tanks with hats, and more! Hobey-ho, let’s go:

Silent Hill 0.
By oscarcelis182

Creator oscarcelis182 brings a unique take to the horror genre of Project Spark with Silent Hill 0. Similar to the old Lucas Arts Point & Clicks. I loved the use of cameras & atmosphere building. In the first section, light all 12 candelabrums to proceed. Not as many jump scares as you’d think—which made it that much more fun and tantalizing.

Derp Swords
By Agent Blade

There’s a lot of derpness (if that’s a word) and a lot of swords in this twin-stick slasher (tm). That’s all you need to know really. Fight off waves of zombies by derping around wildly. Level your weaponry! Derp-maces, derp-maces, and derp-chainsaw doodads are all at your disposal. Even better, call in a derp-buddy to derp around with you (he can also heal you which some might consider helpful). Truly a derp-masterpiece!

Conker – Adventure in the Skies
By JazzLuxus

Take to the skies in this short, but sweet 2D climber. Bounce off mushrooms, jump on clouds, and ascend to the big bad waiting for you at the top. You have infinite lives but no checkpoints—so make every leap count!

Giga Tank
By lanlrod

Creator lanlrod does it again with Giga Tank! He’s getting to be the master at procedural terrain and delivers here with random level generation. Roll up on your enemies and blast them with your cannon, sniper, or shotgun (why, yes, you can upgrade your tank’s weaponry until you become a FORCE SO POWERFUL EVERY BLUE HAT SOLDIER WILL GO RUNNING AT THE FIRST SIGN OF YOUR GREEN HAT). Seriously, go play it.

Conker’s Nut Job
By LadyLexUK

I think I’m starting to see a new theme with Conker in Project Spark. Conker really, really likes collecting nuts. In this mini-game, catch nuts and avoid the poo! Catch stuffing to coat the ground and give yourself a chance to collect nuts before they disappear for good. Also, bucket head!

By Legendary Neil

11 stages of pure awesome wait for you in Legendary Neil’s legendary 2D world. It’s perfectly balanced to get you invested & committed before the real challenge happens. That’s when you realize you’ve been stuck on stage 10 for twenty minutes but you won’t give up because you can’t ever admit defeat! That’s my experience anyway, but I’m only a little better than Zack at video games. :P Leaderboards would make this very interesting…and addictive…

La feria (The Fair)
By liliputiense777

Choose between 7 different champions & head out into an incredible world. With the help of Spark or on your own, confront your enemies and make your way to the fair. The mini-games are worth the trek! Great work and can’t wait to see what comes next from Creator liliputiense777.

Conker’s 2D Adventure
By EmbeddedSpider

2D platforming goodness as Conker the Squirrel. Some great details make this creation stand out from the rest, and I loved the creativity in the changes to Conker. It’s not easy so watch out for those rolling spikes!

Felix the Fearless
By The South Side

The creator of The Hero’s Journey is back with Felix the Fearless. Embark on your adventure in the land of Himinn as Felix. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to defeat Lord Nomed and the monsters of Mount Krig. There’s a lot to explore so what are you waiting for!?


Look out creators--the bar has been raised! Creator ChArG1nMaLAZ0R has come out in a big way and just blew the socks off every Team Dakota member. Trust me, it happened. It smelled terrible until all socks were properly returned to their respective owners. Featuring 40 minutes of story gameplay, six levels + 1 secret hidden level (tell me where it is now!), upgrades, varying enemies, incredible UI, achievements, cheat codes (!), wife voice, and so much more! Perhaps LostKauz said it best: “Just played it and it is one of the single greatest Games on all of Project Spark. A complete and perfect package.”
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