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Featured 5/8/15

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Hi Sparkers! Another week and another rotation in the featured feed! With Conker’s release a few weeks back and GameJam winners announced, it’s a great time to get back into the swing of things. This week, we have 10 new creations that are a joy to experience. Hobey-ho, let’s go:

Conker’s JRPG early alpha

We couldn’t resist featuring this creation even though it’s in its early stages. I mean, it’s Conker, in a JRPG. Come on! I can die happy now! Team Conker with Birdy and Boohoo the owl take on goblin enemies in various environments. I can wait to see more (there better be more!).

Conker’s Nutty Round Up
By Biohazzard14

Conker really likes nuts, we all know that. Fulfill his fantasy in this timed collectathon. Enjoy the environment but don’t spend too much time or else you’ll fall behind. Perhaps my favorite part of this level was the balance. It was a real nail-biter as I desperately hunted down the last sack of nuts!

Conker’s Pet Trouble
By KILO1717

This time, it’s Conker’s pet squirrel who needs all the nuts! This is wrapped in a fun adventure with combat. Retreat to Conker’s bunker whenever you need a break and restore chocolate pieces. Can you get Nabut, the squirrel, to level 5?

By NightmareUK1989

Experience Project Spark as a board game. Make your way around the board collecting credits and creating worlds. Convert those credits to tokens and purchase as many DLC packs as you can. Play with friends on the couch or over Xbox Live. Looks like our April Fool’s joke from 2014 became a reality!

Block Party
By KMKHunter

It's a Block Party but not the block you're thinking of! It's primitives, baby! This single or multiplayer game mixes elements of Twister and Musical Chairs together to get a really unique game type. KMKHunter is really pumping out some novel creations. Follow this guy!

Five Nights at Freddy’s Genesis
By Shmelly Eggroll

You know the story. You are starting your first shift at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza and you need to make it through the night. Nothing weird. That’s it. No surprises. Don’t worry if the animatronics start to move or anything. That’s normal. Make sure to invite them into your security room. Not like they would try to eat you or anything. Recommended to play with the lights off!

By Rodrigo Bezzi

In this classic puzzle, push boxes around the level to get them to the goal. Figure out the patterns and plan ahead! Boxes can be quite an unruly bunch. Play as a squirrel, goblin, or human—very fun!

2D Driver

Some of the best UI I’ve seen (and I’m a guy who gets excited about UI)! Drive down the street, avoid the skulls and collect power ups and lives. Super addicting and a lot of fun. What’s your highest score going to be? Probably lower than mine, just sayin’ :)

Myline’s Defense
By Myline de Nolia

This tower defense game features various armies to play with their own towers to build. Defeat waves of enemies and protect the Sacred Grove. The random enemy pathing is sure to mess with you and your plans! Tons of replayability as you experiment with the different armies.

By Aeturnal

A dark 2D platformer featuring a Void Fiend. Make it through the short puzzle by collecting the colored stones and unlocking the corresponding. Can’t wait to see more!
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