Project Spark VR, a hypothetical

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Project Spark VR, a hypothetical

Post#1 » Tue Jun 27, 2017 2:51 am

DANNYBOY3600 (owner of Project Spark Team, an Xbox Live Club) is asking for Windows 10 (and possibly 8) Sparker to try and make VR games. Using a gyroscopic mouse for camera control.

PROJECT SPARK VR - I need everyone who owns Project Spark on windows 10 to try and work on a VR game. Use mouse gryo for look around controls and [WASD]. We are gonna take PROJECT SPARK to a new level whoever is interested. Keep games in 1st person view.

I've already registered by doubts about this endeavor, as I already did kinda try this myself briefly. However I won't stop others from trying.

Here is a short write-up of what I did

External Tools:
  • KinoVR (iOS)
  • iPhone 4S (not ideal face size)
  • Google Cardboard headset (for phone)

KinoVR can create "fake" VR from a standard 2D desktop output, as long as you can get two different images into the different View Points it creates, then you can get a stereoscopic image.


Required two parts. The first was time re-positioning and angling of the camera to get the parallax viewpoints. The second was cutting half the screen off with a "black" UI layer so KinoVR could get two different image streams going. There is more complex Koding needed to get the parallax angles right, but I stop before getting that far.


Project Spark has some very harsh limitations that essentially stop "VR" in its tracks.

The first it only allows a single Camera (Viewport). These days most VR applications use two simulations viewports to supply a different image to each eye. You can fake that with one viewport if you can cycle it fast enough.

Which leads us to the second problem. Project Spark is capped at 30 frames per second of action. You cannot get Kode to execute faster than 30 times a second. Since Kode controls the camera position change, that limits you to at best 15 frames per second on each eye. This is far too low for satisfactory VR.

And this screen splitting is further aggravated by Project Spark forcing a Perspective camera which wraps the image on the extreme left and right.

With KinoVR there is also an issue of limited view space. Because it uses half the screen for each eye, it cuts your horizontal space in half.

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Re: Project Spark VR, a hypothetical

Post#2 » Fri Jun 30, 2017 3:40 pm

Since Kode controls the camera position change, that limits you to at best 15 frames per second on each eye. This is far too low for satisfactory VR.

I think you said it all. I've been coding for HTC Vive, trying out new things. I remember once, my game was nicely running at around 90 fps and I got to an area in my "game" where some collision problems severly lagged the game. I dropped at around 35 fps, and man, through the headset, I swear I started to feel dizzy like bad, even though I had it something like 10 seconds in my eyes. Lags are the worst thing you can have in VR, it totally messes up your brain. I tried Everest The game, at full res, and on the old version, when finishing the game, you go back to the main menu and it was severly lagging too... I almost fell on my ass

So yeah, VR in PS? PS isn't even powerful enough to deliver 30fps in heavy scenes (Conker cut scenes), so I doubt trying to roll something like VR on it can be of any success

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