Will This Game Ever Be Cracked?

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Will This Game Ever Be Cracked?

Post#1 » Thu Jan 05, 2017 3:57 am

Hello everyone,

I apologise if something is wrong about topic but I really need to ask. Will this game ever be cracked so Xbox Live is bypassed? I am one of the unlucky people who never got game while it was in store and now I cannot play it on Win 10 because it says that "I muct log in with account that purchased game"

I even tried calling Microsoft (because I managed to get game downloaded from their official server but after 1h30min long call they were still unable to get game working for me (they mostly just transferred me from one department to another as it appeared they had no idea whats wrong with game and why can't I play it because apparently when I first launched game and when it asked me to buy game upon launching for 0.00EUR it got registred on their side in some weird way). I would at least be greatful if I could play Conker stuff if I cannot play full game. I would gladly pay money to anyone who is able to crack the game and bypass Xbox Live check or something. Thanks in advance.

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