Skybox Color Variation by killenjoke

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Skybox Color Variation by killenjoke

Post#1 » Fri Aug 19, 2016 5:43 am

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toying around with one of my gamejam entries I came up with a neat way to gradually change the hue of your skybox.

this can be a handy tool for several things. Maybe you want to depict a more gradual sunset.

the Kode is very simple.

W:----D:[draw sphere][100][(color)Color variable]
W:[countdown timer][5][in frames][loop]D:[Color][hue][increment by][0.01]
W:[Color][hue][equal to or greater than][1]D:[color][hue][=][0]

the colors range from 0-1

both 1 and 0 are a reddish purple. with all other colors between. depending on where you start the loop you will get a different pallet.
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