List of Limits by MindcraftMax

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List of Limits by MindcraftMax

Post#1 » Mon Aug 15, 2016 6:14 pm

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Prop count limit: 3,000 props without Massive World Builder, 3,500 with MWB

What counts as a prop is: all the objects that have been created when in Test mode AND the templates that were put in Edit mode. Moreover, each time you glue props, it adds one to the number of props the glued objects use.
If you create an assembly from the gallery which has templates, the templates count toward the props count! It's not just the templates in Edit. So rather put the templates directly in your world, in order not to have copies of templates when creating several times an assembly which uses templates.

Terrain limit: it doubles with MWB

Kinect limit: 1 minute of sound/animation without Epic Artist World Builder, 10 minutes with EAWB

Drawing limits:
- [draw line]/[draw box]: 1,024 lines (one [draw box] counts as 12 lines)
- [draw sphere]: 512 spheres
- [display]: 128 icons/texts
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