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Post#1 » Wed May 13, 2015 2:51 pm

What is that? That's for sure the very first question you had when you first got on this website or community forum... So let me try to answer the most basic questions before anybody even asks them

SparkShare, what is it?

It's a javafx application that enables the possibility of sharing brains, assemblies and level files to the rest of the world in the Windows/Xbox One game called "Project Spark".

The game itself already proposes sharing your creation, so why?

You might have seen that brain and assemblies sharing isn't possible unfortunately, as these features were never implemented by Team Dakota. Of course, level files, or worlds, are easy to share as you just need to publish, people can get them by remixing.
The why behind here is that my application makes it possible, with a simple clic to share a creation to the rest of the community.

How does that work then?

The application, after your selection, will compress the files and send them to my server, creating an entry in my Database. At this point, any other user using this app will see your entry in entries list. They will be allowed to download the compressed file directly to Project Spark game. The database keeps track of the total downloads

What about privacy?

Assets can be upload in three modes: PUBLIC, PRIVATE, STORAGE. Private shared assets will return to public after 31 days online. Storage is not accessible for anybody but the original uploader.


Rating was removed from SparkShare in one of the beta version, as it seemed depressing for creators. Instead of that, SparkShare now proposes a "I like!" system.

Searching aka browsing?

Searching is very simple. A simple search field allows to search for anything that contains your search string, be it authorname, asset name or description!

Is this going to be free?

You want me to be honest? So honestly, I don't know yet... The why is pretty easy to understand: Imagine a thousand users, each uploading 10 different world files at an average size of 3.5mo... That already makes 35Go data on the server. Project Spark community is much larger than that... So I'm planning on taking Team Dakota's idea, and use slots. My actual plan is to offer each and every users something like 20 upload slots for free. Of course, you will always be able to delete a contribution to free up a slot.

And how is that checked?

Well, registration is mendatory to access others contributions as well as share your own files. And to register, only Login with Microsoft account will be proposed, as it is first more secured and prevents fake account creation.

What about compatibility?

Team Dakota simplified my work... Project Spark is anyway Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. So these two platforms are already compatible. I'm not an Xbox Dev, so I won't be able to bring it out for Xbox Users.

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