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Text styling!

Post#1 » Sun Nov 15, 2015 8:15 am


Today, another tip that is, I do agree, very hard to find by yourselves, text styling in SparkShare!

You can't style all your texts, but the pack/assets presentation supports it

You have for styling options: bold, italic, underlined and striked

to use them in SparkShare you will need, in you presentation, to surround the wanted text with the following codes:

bold = **bold text**
italic = //italic text//
underlined = __underlined text__
striked = --striked text--

As an exemple, the following text
Hi! This is my --summary-- presentation of my **latest and coolest** asset __ever__, behold //SparkShare//!

Would produce the following effect in SparkShare:
Hi! This is my summary presentation of my latest and coolest asset ever, behold SparkShare!

Please note that the symbols used, (*, -, /, _) are always doubled!


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