Is it time?

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Re: Is it time?

Post#11 » Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:58 am

Dude, you have 10 uploads, max slots is 25 and it's open to discussions.

I'm asking you since day one about the error and I never get an answer. I don't know any doctor that could cure you if you just simply get there and say it's aching. what are the errors if any available? what doesn't work if anything? If bug, please use a topic for it

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Re: Is it time?

Post#12 » Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:16 pm

Its been, awhile...

I will be looking forward to playing with Project Spark, i finally got a computer but it came with Win7, and refusing to update someone had previously stated they had gotten Project Spark to run using Virtual Box and Win8 ISO so... I will be doing quite the similar function. except i have no access to a Win8 ISO so ill use Win10...

I am transitioning into "real" programming at this time but i will always love Project Spark for its intuitive design and all around functionality. it may have gotten alot of fleas from the various animal named updates, but the bugs made it feel like, the better your lines of kode, the less likely you were affected.

Dont let MicroSoft's 2.5 billion dollar investment of MineCraft dillute your views of Project Spark. I will continually use the software in my later years... where as i fuck off in MineCraft for a few hours, I actually spend months and years perfecting a single Project Spark creation.

and as im not a huge fan of digital content... That Steam sale was nice...
Got like 25 games for $10... i already owned them physically so, :l

Just tired of Microsoft and its misguided gaming department...
Thankfully, i have enough Bing points to get one more year of Xbox Live... i want to be a 10 year user...

BTW Nintendo Switch is pretty legit, but, im not buying its online services either, they offer little to nothing even if it costs little to nothing...

I would enjoy using SparkShare, but i dont think i will be on this forum, if ever...
But i do not want you to feel like all your work isnt appreciated, it is, and I personally thank you for keeping it up and running even this late in the game. Hell the download links are what makes me enjoy this all the more..

Thank You...

Until my uploads, i hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that this New Year starts off well...
Mine started off with some stress, but what else happens when you visit your parents and they shutdown your computer while you are running programs and inevitably destroy some folder permissions and you see things on a computer youve never seen.. They keep you on your toes that is for sure.
thankfully all was fixable but.... lots of stress, and im doing my best to alleviate myself from it.
No smoking cigarettes and removing Caffeine has helped... but i still enjoy a coffee now and again.

I feel i have rambled for too long, and i will probably not read replies...
but, I dont want you to feel defeated, even if the community hated each other to a point, it was fun competing with every single person, I may have not recieved #1 in gamejams, but i know i was top tier and that in itself was amazing. i also really loved watching people play my creations, it was quite amusing when they didnt quite know what was going on, what buttons to press ect. nothing will quite compare... and i have doubts to Playstation actually releasing dreams, and im pretty burnt out on consoles as it is... Im working on restoring myself and the things i already own, and remodding my original xbox seems like a better cash investment then buying something that wont play my DVD copies... plus i kinda wanna put a super sized sd card in my PSP and use that for gaming at work... i feel less people will want to steal that over a Nintendo Switch.

Take it easy my fellow Sparkers...
You can join along with me if you want and refuse Microsoft services...
That is the only way they will listen, and i feel we are the glue that keeps their gaming division alive to begin with, i have played countless games with countless people at all hours of the day... without the die hards, the casuals have no audience, and casuals arent looking to buy much... Pokemon looks promising on Switch... and i dont need online features for local play, unless, i misunderstand "local" and "online"

Id like to enjoy gaming as i did when i was growing up, secluded from the people that though it was a waste of time... cause now, they call themselves gamers but will never have the same amount of "wasted" time, but theyre trying to catch up, realizing nothing else in this world is quite as fulfilling as looking in another castle for your princess... its the journey, not the reward.
(even if after finding the right castle and all that damned work, all you get is a kiss [ not looking for custer's revenge but, cmon... that giant turtle thing and the fuckin lava pits and the wtf is that thing floating in a cloud...]:)

Stay Golden............. l:

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Re: Is it time?

Post#13 » Sun Jan 28, 2018 3:01 am

I wish I would have thought about coming back here sooner. I have some things I can add if I can still start spark on my machine...

Also, hi. long time no see sparkers

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Re: Is it time?

Post#14 » Thu Dec 13, 2018 8:18 pm

ITs a shame, See, If people could have made new accounts after it was shut down, or if we could just bypass the login alltogether, I think this whole thing couldve been a huge success, Its unfortunate, Project Spark was an amazing tool, But so many things prevented it from taking off, I think the main 2 biggest problems were
1. You HAD TO GET IT FROM THE WINDOWS STORE WTF was Microsoft thinking? This app was made during the reign of Windows 8, when the majority of windows users were staying on Windows 7, becuase windows 8 was an attrocity on mankind, the majority of users couldnt get project spark.
2. you couldnt make executables and the only people who could play your creations were other sparkers... i think many more people would have discovered spark if you could just make a basic exe file

Good work tho Psycho, Appreciate all youve done.

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Re: Is it time?

Post#15 » Sun Dec 16, 2018 12:37 pm

Hi guys,

seems that it was not possible to save the community and idea of Project Spark. I confess I was also not able to put energy in it after that cruel ending. I felt somehow hurt by this unplugging and found it a better idea to move to something totally different. But I still admire the try to save the Spark here :)

Rodrigo Bezzi and I changed to Construct and made a commercial game of our game - and this would never have happened without Project Spark. This was our start and we will always be thankful for that experience.

If someone is interested - look for "Caracoland" on Steam.

We wish everybody who is still around a happy Christmas and New Years vacation time!!

Hallorin & Rodrigo Bezzi

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