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SparkShare 1.2

Post#1 » Thu Dec 03, 2015 4:46 pm

SparkShare 1.2 is out!

Some great addition in this version! Download is available through automatic update or full download on our website

  • Image extraction from level files
  • Private messages
  • No need to close PS to upload anymore
  • Toggle if specified image should replace the asset icon or only be used for SparkShare icon
  • Choose to hide locked content
  • User profile, to be accessed by clicking on the authornames all around in SS
  • Display active search filter in the header
  • Less loud notifications
  • Styling notifications
  • Comments deletion
  • Text styling in comments
  • URL parsing in description, making them hyperlinks
  • Moving app only on dragging the header, like a windows app
  • "Follow" users function from their profile. Activates "New upload by XXXX" notifications
  • Top rated asset and packs per users on their profile page as well as find all their uploads

The private messages part is still in active developpement andmight change totally over time, including data structure. Be aware of that and do not store important informations on it, as I might drop the actual data structure if unable to migrate to a new way of handling them

Following TD "Tidy up tempest" operation, I have cleaned the first assets that were uploaded, to remove the autosaves from packs as SparkShare doesn't pack them anymore. Level icons included in packs have been deleted as well, as they are and were of no use. This doesn't affect the icon display in SparkShare

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