How to report

Saw or got an offensive or inappropriate message, asset or comment? Please let us know, we'll take actions if needed
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How to report

Post#1 » Mon Dec 07, 2015 6:52 pm

Welcome to the report subforum!

This forum is here to let you report offensive/inappropriate messages, comments or assets on SparkShare, be it on the app or on the forum itself.

Our rules are clear, we do not tolerate offenses against other users, explicit content, bad behaviors etc etc.

I want to keep this simple, and I will be the only judge of where the limit is. In the case the report is founded, I will keep a record of the author and delete the offensive content as well as warn the user in question. In case of a recidive, the sanctions will be as simple as banning, without further discussions. We are a community, but the community's safety is my role and we surely have younger users as well as older. I do believe everyone is able to see that thin line not to cross and trust that my ban hammer will not be used often, if ever.

To report, create a new topic, do explain what is in your opinion offensive, and do not forget to include either the link to the forum topic or the direct link to the asset in question. In case of a private message, you can also screenshot it and send it to me privately on this forum.

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